XVXII's pop up journey !

As you might already know, XVXII started in Vidhi’s humble bedroom as an online business. She captured the attention of many with her behind-the-scenes packaging videos on TikTok. Gradually, she amassed thousands of followers.

To expose her brand further, Vidhi did her first pop up at Violet Fair in March 2021 with 18 other female owned local brands in conjunction to International Women’s Day.

She decided to venture to pop-up booths to let her customers experience her pieces before purchasing them. She then realized that the feeling of “touch-and-buy” is irreplaceable and continued her adventure with pop-ups booths.

She garnered high sales and more followers from the exposure at the Violet Fair. Many were pleased with the quality and designs of her brand and furthermore with her online business going physical, her customers were finally able to experience the jewellery in real time.

A month later, she held another booth at Lash Studio in Chinatown for 3 days in April. In conjunction with her new arrivals promotion, she took the chance to sell them as well as existing products such as her famous desi jewellery and her women & men’s jewellery.

Yet again, it was well received!

Her next physical brand appearance was at PLQ Mall in late June 2021 where she did a pushcart booth for a week. This event was in promotion of her Baddie Collection, Papillon Collection and her new arrivals. She gave her followers a breakdown of their catalogue that would be available and the pushcart so that they knew what to expect. There were a total of 11 new rings, 3 new bracelets, 5 new earrings, 6 new necklace sand and 3 new anklets - just for her Baddie Collection.

The pushcart booth was very successful and that was when she decided to dive into retail.

Officially opening XVIII retail store at 61 Haji Lane in August 2021, she was able to organise popup events for other small businesses at their space.

In January this year, she had her 4th pop-up at PLQ Mall but this time it was at Komma Cafe. Even though she already had a retail store, she still continued to do popups for her loyal customers. This specific popup was to promote one of her best selling collections - Luxe collection. She even had a pre-launch sale as many were excited for it to be official in-stores.

Additionally, she also hosted their second year of Violet Carnival in celebration of International Women’s Day in March 2022.

Many female owned businesses were able to set up their products and celebrate the occasion together. It was a remarkable and memorable day for everyone.

Then recently, she had her Mother’s Day pop up at PLQ Mall Level 1 from 18th April to 24th April 2022. About 60% of her products were sold by the end of the third day of the popup. There were many new arrivals at the recent popup where her loyal customers came to purchase.

All these events and support gave her the confidence to continue doing what she does. Now, you might have noticed that most of XVXII popups were held in the East or Central but guess what - XVXII is coming to the West!

For the first time, a pop up will be at Clementi to promote a new collection. We’ll keep you updated on XVXII socials for the date, time and venue of our west side popup!

Meanwhile, cheers to this month’s popup that went really well! Make sure you are following us on Instagram and TikTok to be the first to know of any announcement :))

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