Pride month with XVXII

In conjunction with Pride Month in June, XVXII will be releasing limited edition pieces to celebrate the growth, inclusiveness and identity for the LGBTQ+ community.

You can expect jewellery pieces ranging from earrings to necklaces and rings to bracelets. The colours of the rainbow is exactly what this collection is about. On top of that, you can be in tune with your birthstones.

So presenting, our LGBTQ+ Limited Edition Collection:

Birthstone Teardrop/Circle Chain

A classy necklace you simply cannot go wrong with. Dress it up or down, it is perfect for any occasion. Made from high grade stainless steel and PVD gold plating, this chain is made to last ! The gemstones come in 2 different shapes for you to choose from - Teardrop (refer to pic) and Basic Circle.

Birthstone Flats Chain & Bracelet

You might have seen these basic flat chain designs in our existing collection. Well, the twist to this one is that it has colourful gemstones! And the chain & bracelet comes in gold and silver! Both colours compliments the rainbow of

gemstones on them, perfect as a cute gift.

Colour Seed Studs

These adorable studs have to be our favourite and they come in 4 colours - clear, pink, blue, green. They’re versatile and easy to style. The gold plating accentuates the colours of the gemstones making them head turning earrings.

Colour Fountain Earrings

Next up are out Fountain Earrings. Its dripping diamonds just like a fountain ! Do you see it? Designed with 4 glowy gemstones on each chain, these pieces come in multicolour and clear. So, pick and choose bestie.

Birthstone Flower Chain

This would be one of the cutest chains we had of all time. We have 12 of this in different colours to resemble the 12 months in a year. It’s not just the gemstone alone but accompanied with a flower print charm that’s also different. It makes each month's necklace different from the other month's necklace!

Birthstone Zodiac Rings

And lastly, we have the ring - Zodiac Rings. Also coming in with 12 different signs, this piece has 12 different gemstones too. What's your sign?

To top off pride month with XVXII, we will be having a 1 month pop up at PLQ mall from 6th June - 3rd July so shop these beauties there, online or even at our retail store <3

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