International Women's Day with XVXII

International Women's Day (IWD) is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8 to commemorate and recognize the extraordinary acts of women and to stand together, as a united force, to advance gender equality around the world.

It is a wonderful occasion to express gratitude towards women and their significant contribution towards society. The struggle that these women have fought over the years is remarkable and it has brought about subtle changes in many ways.

I've always been inspired by the women who came before me. I've taken a lot from them when building my career and my life. I feel like being able to excel in both work and personal life is a big deal, and it takes some serious women to pull that off.

Let me tell you about Sara Blakely, who was born in Florida, USA in 1971.

She's best known for creating Spanx, which has been called "the greatest product of the last 100 years." She started her own business at 26 years old when she couldn't find pantyhose that made her feel confident enough to wear skirts and dresses without having visible panty lines. She was able to create Spanx because she had an idea, the courage to pursue it, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

While Sara is an amazing entrepreneur and role model to women all around the world, here at XVXII, we would also like to recognize female small business owners amidst us. Big or small, these women deserve to have their story told as well. This was the rationale behind us planning the Women in Business interview Series this year.

We featured Azzah (from Henna Flair), Naina (from Naina Nisa Studio) and Georgia (from Bag of Beautiful).

Apart from the interviews, we also host the Violet Carnival annually, which is an event to celebrate female owned businesses in Singapore

Photo from violet carnival 2021

When you step in through the doors of Violet Carnival, every booth is run by a strong, gorgeous woman with amazing goals and immense potential. By being there with us, within the same space, you are supporting these talented women, and we'd love to have you join us in supporting and celebrating this year's Violet Carnival as well ! Purchase your tickets here .

This year, we also collected submissions for our Women of the Day Instagram Story series where our followers got to thank their loved ones for being extraordinary women in their lives.

As a woman-owned business with a platform, XVXII makes it its mission to support and show love to other women and their cultures, their backgrounds, and their successes. We are super excited for all our IWD initiatives to roll by successfully this year.

Happy Women’s Day, ladies!

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