Chain layering 101

Why is Saturn the most beautiful planet in our solar system?


The most attractive and eye-grabbing attribute of Saturn are the rings around them, making it the most photogenic planet there is. The eight majestic rings layered around Saturn look gorgeous under all lighting and angles when photographed.

But how does this relate to chain layering??

Well, just like every other planet out there, you're doing your outfit injustice if you don't wear layers of chains.

AND you actually don't need to spend too much on buying chains, or spend effort looking for new ones as more often than not the right ones are probably lying in your dressing table right now!

Tip #1 Although Saturn has 8 well defined rings, the more isn't always merrier when going with chains, and a simple rule of thumb would be to not exceed 3-4.

Tip #2 Always have your shortest chain as your dominant and defining chain. Think of it as the basement of a building, and everything following it as a build up. The tone, texture and colour of this chain should set it up for the others, and this chain should be one you would be comfortable wearing as a standalone.

Tip #3 Experimenting with a choker would also add a crispy effect to your outfit especially in a more formal setting.

Tip #4 The middle one would be something that is subtle and doesn't have an over-flavouring presence. It really acts as a bridge between your chains and adds continuity to your look.

#Tip 5 The bottom one would be your longest chain, and one which you would add a pendant to if you're planning to. While all the chains should be of a similar texture and type, the pendant can be a contrasting colour which goes well with our outfit, grabbing the attention of everyone around you.

As with anything in life, practice makes perfect and it takes time to pull off a nice layer of chains. Experimenting with the types of chains and necklaces will definitely be one of trial and error, but definitely is worth a try especially if you're someone who's in with the trends.

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